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In an effort to stay beautiful, modern, and up to date with the latest trends, we at the Canoe Club Ballroom are constantly updating. Our goal is to keep the Canoe Club Ballroom a venue that you and your family will enjoy having their special events at for generations to come. In the last two years we have completed a full interior renovation, a courtyard update, and a complete facelift to the front facade of our building.

Please feel free to setup a tour at any time to see what the all new Canoe Club Ballroom has to offer.

Interior Renovation - December 2012 - March 2013

In December of 2012 we closed our doors for three months for our first complete interior renovation in 50 years. Although the Canoe Club Ballroom had seen many updates over the decades, we decided to completely overhaul our entire facility. We modernized and updated with all new electrical, air conditioning and heating, as well as all new new decor. We added dynamic lighitning throughout as well as state of the art upllighting built right in. We also added a backup generator to ensure that the lights stay on and the music keeps playing no matter what.

We added a riverside lounge area adjacent to the grand ballroom so guests can enjoy the beautiful nunkatesset river no matter what the season. This lounge is adorned with comfortable living room style furniture as well as some comfortable places to hang out away from the dancefloor.

Our newly finished and darkened dancefloor, all new carpets, and new ceiling compliment the newly painted walls with sunken panels and chair raiils. The classic, simple, and neutral paint job of the room allows our dynamic lighting and accent table linens to really stand out. The Canoe Club Ballroom is dedicated to helping to preserve our environment in any way possible. We upgraded all of our lighting fixtures to LED throughout the grand ballroom, lobby, foyeur, and lounge, as well as the HVAC system that was installed is 97% efficient. These two "green" upgrades will ensure that we reduce our carbon footprint helping the environment one wedding at a time.

Before and After



Courtyard Redesign - April 2014

In April of 2014, we updated the appearance of our courtyard.  We added a new pergola entrance to our courtyard as well as a swooping and cascading fence. At this time we also had our flower beds and shrubbery redesigned with a basic and simple look. Now not only is our gazebo lit in the evening, but our trees, fence, and pergola are as well. 

With over two acres of courtyard we learned that less is more. Our riverside view just needed a little enhancing with a nice and simple design. There are countless photo possibilities as we let nature do what it does best by creating the perfect backdrop for daytime, twilight, and evening photos.

Building Exterior Refresh - February 2015

Many customers had commented the that the exterior of the Canoe Club Ballroom just didn't match the newly renovated interior and courtyard. With this in mind we decided to create a new front facade to our building. New windows, siding, trim, columns, and dynamic lighting have brought the new facade to life!!! Below you can see the Before and after!

Before and After


Landscaping Upgrades - April 2015


In the past we focused on the inside of our venue to make our happy couples special day as perfect as possible. After our front facade renovation at the end of this winter, we also upgraded our landscaping. We changed the landscaping and added new plants and trees throughout the front of the buiding, updated the look in front of the fence and pergola leading to our riverside courtyard, made some pleasant changes with some additional flowers and trees at our entrance, and we updated the gazebo area with a new look as well. Our new irrigation system ensures that there is perfect green grass for outdoor ceremonies and photo taking.

Our dynamic floral arrangements were designed to bloom all year with spring, summer, fall, and even winter colors. Our new exterior is complete with this new transformation making the outside of the Canoe Club Ballroom as elegant as the interior.


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