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Please enjoy our blog. We will be updating this blog periodically with stories, tips, fun facts, and photos from real weddings of couples from Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, all of Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to see the Canoe Club Ballroom in person, please set up a private tour.

Monday, April 27 2015



With all the wedding traditions that surround us, it is always fun to think about how everything came about. Here are five surprising and interesting facts about weddings that you may have not known.


  1. Why is your “Ring Finger” your ring finger? As we all know, the fourth finger on the left hand is designated for engagement and wedding rings. This is so because it was actually once thought that this finger had a vein that led straight to your heart.

  2. Why do brides wear veils? Interestingly enough, brides traditionally wear veils because ancient greeks & romans believed it protected them from evil spirits.

  3. Why a wedding cake? This tradition also comes from the ancient romans as guests used to break a loaf of bread over the brides head for fertility sake.

  4. Where did the term, “tying the knot” come from? In many cultures across the globe, the hands of the bride and groom are actually tied together in order to demonstrate their new bond and the couples commitment.

  5. Traditionally flower girls would throw flower petals in the bride’s path to lead her to a plentiful future.

Next time these wedding traditions pass you by, you can now know what they mean and where they came from!

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Monday, April 13 2015



Tasting Events at the Canoe Club Ballroom are unlike any other! 


Our group tastings/ vendor nights offer both our happy couples and potential ones the opportunity to experience what a CCB wedding is really like! Not only are you able to try many of our passed hors d'oeuvres, first and second course options, but we also give our couples the chance to try the majority of our main entree selections paired with our vegetable and starch options in a unique atmosphere! Below are just a few of the different menu options available to sample at our tastings! 




Imagine walking into a beautiful room where every guest table showcases different linens, styles and looks available for your special day. Your decorative options appear to be endless and you gaze around a room filled with dynamic uplighting and opportunity! Here are just a few of the many linen selections showcased at our tasting events! 





Imagine being accompanied by your friends as family as you visit table after table of our recommended vendor professionals to help you to take the guesswork out of planning your big day! Are you still deciding on that perfect first dance or father/daughter song for your wedding? Visit our DJ who will be on the stage that evening and request it! Have you ever wondered what happens during a traditional cake cutting ceremony? One lucky couple will partake in the tradition right before the dinner service begins!


We hope to see you at our next upcoming tasting event! :)

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