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Please enjoy our blog. We will be updating this blog periodically with stories, tips, fun facts, and photos from real weddings of couples from Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, all of Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to see the Canoe Club Ballroom in person, please set up a private tour.

Monday, August 17 2015


Congratulations, it's finally your wedding day! You have pushed through all the planning & months of preparation for this big day. Relive your wedding day for years to come by capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments for your wedding album. The Canoe Club Ballroom has listed 20 of the most important images for your wedding photo check list.

1.       The Wedding Dress: Preserve the memory of the first time you laid your eyes on "The One"...your wedding dress that is! Take a still, full length photo to keep and share for years to come.

2.       Getting Ready: We suggest capturing both sides of getting ready, which includes the men putting on their jackets and ladies doing their zippers.

3.       Shoe Shot: A cropped pic of just the bride and grooms shoes is a fun and creative picture.

4.       Welcome Bags: With all the effort and planning you put into your welcome bags, you should be sure your photographer captures them before they're gone.

5.       Bridal Shot: Capture the beauty that made your true love pop the question with a clear and elegant photo.

6.       First Look: Have fun with the bride putting her hands over the groom’s eyes.

7.       Other First Look: Your bridal party will be stunned to see you in your wedding dress. Relive the moment time and time again by snapping a photo at the perfect moment.

8.       Pre-ceremony with Notes: This is one of the few personal moments the bride will have all day. This is a touching moment when the bride will be in her own world reading the vows.

9.       Wedding Party Kids: If you have kids in your party, there may be a few pictures as cute as these. When they’re all grown up, it will be a touching memento.

10.   Walking Down the Aisle: Capture the touching moment of being given away and walking down the aisle to be with your true love. 

11.   Groom standing at the Alter: Capture the anticipation of the groom waiting to see his bride for the first time in her wedding dress. It's a remarkable sight.

12.   Far-away ceremony shot: Take in your ceremony from a point of view you'll never be able to see for yourself. Capture the entire ceremony from far away.

13.   Couple Sharing Vows: Capture the expression of true love with a picture of the couple sharing vows.

14.   Cute Signs: Sporadic signs laid out throughout the wedding venue telling guests where to go is worth a picture or two.

15.   Wedding Cake: The cake is such an iconic part of your wedding. Capture it’s elegance before it’s gone forever!

16.   Food: Mouth-watering pictures of the food are a great way to relive the elegance and beauty of the meal.

17.   Reception Tables: Capture the elegance of your reception venue while the settings are still clean and immaculate.

18.   First Dance: You can only have one official first dance as bride and groom. Relive this magical moment forever with a photo of you in the arms of your true love.

19.   Dancing: After the first dance, everything is fair game. Be sure to capture the memories of your family and friends on the dance floor.

20.   The Farewell: Whether you are having a notable exit or just something low key, this is the perfect picture to place at the end of your album. 




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Monday, August 10 2015

Not only are summer weddings beautiful, but they are also very popular! As you plan your big day, keep these tips in mind to ensure your day is perfect.


When choosing an outdoor location, take into consideration your surroundings. A beach is a beautiful location, but it might be windy, chilly or could be hard to hear a ceremony over the crashing waves. The gazebo and courtyard area here at the CCB provides couples with the best of both worlds! A riverside ceremony location with acres of endless photo opportunities!

Plan B

Having a “plan b” is one of the most important factors of a summer wedding. New England weather is so unpredictable so what would you do if it rained? It’s a good thing that here at the Canoe Club Ballroom, our indoor ceremony set up is just as beautiful as the outdoor scene! Always remember that any outdoor décor can be re-purposed inside to create an elegant atmosphere!

Protection From the Sun

The summer sun can be tough on your skin so consider providing sunscreen or sunglasses for your wedding guests upon arrival!

Stay Cool

During summer weddings, it can get extremely hot with the sun beating down on your guests. Our outdoor ceremonies include a complimentary water and lemonade stand for yours guests to enjoy before you walk down the aisle!

Summer Food

While guests are enjoying cocktail hour, provide light hors d’oeuvres! Lighter options such as shrimp cocktail, spanakopita, or a delectable stationary display of cheese, crackers, fruits and vegetables are a great option!


Lanterns are a beautiful alternative to additional floral décor for your aisle! They tend to be a less expensive option as well. Nautical and beachy themes are always a popular choice for summer wedding décor!


Please consider the fabric of your wedding party’s attire! Gowns, dresses & tuxes can be a heavy material so look into a lighter material that won’t leave your wedding party sweating, such as suits for the gentlemen and chiffon options for the ladies! Cocktail or tea-length styled dresses seem to be a more popular summer option than the traditional long bridesmaid dresses. 



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Friday, August 07 2015

Wedding Date: July 18, 2015

Wedding Color: Aqua and Pink! 

Meaghan and Jeff's special day was picture perfect in every way! 

As Jeff and his groomsmen began to arrive, so did many of their immediate family members in excitement! Everyone was anxiously awaiting the start of the ceremony and of course, our bride Meaghan’s arrival! The big day had officially arrived, the day that would finally bring Meghan, Jeff and little Avery together as a happy family! 

From their beautiful outdoor gazebo ceremony, to their reception details and decor--every aspect of their special day was done so in a personalized way! Each table was named after a word of inspiration (some of our favorites: love, admire, passion!) and included a definition for guests to enjoy. 

The special parent dances after dinner were made even more memorable that day once Jeff whisked little Avery into his arms for their surprise father/daughter dance! 

Here are just a few of the many special moments we captured from their big day! 


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Wednesday, August 05 2015

At first, seating your guests may seem like a quick and simple task, but don’t be fooled as this can be one of the most frustrating parts of planning.

With that being said, start early, this may be a longer process than you expect. You don’t want to be stressing over this the night before the big day, you have more important things to worry about then.

One way to make it easier on you from the beginning is to create a spreadsheet. This way you have all the information you need in front of you. Add a Column to the RSVP list that explains the relationship of that attendee. Knowing the relationship to the bride, groom or other guests will make it easier for you when deciding on where to seat them. If you are more of a visual person, draw it out. Get a large piece of paper and outline your venue and tables, labeling out where, and with whom everyone will be seated with.

When it comes to the actual table set up, get creative. Do not feel trapped by the traditional wedding set up of a large head table facing the guests. Try having a separate table for just you and your newlywed—this is what we call a sweetheart table. This way throughout the hectic day you can still have some time to enjoy each other, after all this is your day.

Another great idea is to seat friends from college, high school, and childhood together creating a great chance for people to catch up who may not have seen each other in a while. Try to avoid creating a table of complete strangers or an all singles table, this usually leads to awkward conversations and unhappy guests. Instead mix in singles with couples they know throughout the seating arrangement. If you must create a table of strangers try adding fun icebreaker games at the tables that have to do with you and your fiancé. A game like “Who knows the bride or groom best” would be a fun way to help strangers socialize and feel more comfortable.

Another important aspect to consider is the dance floor and music volume. Seat the younger people or the people you foresee dancing more, closer to the music and dance floor and reserve the quieter tables for the older crowd.  If you have a lot of children attending consider making a kids table with some kid friendly activities (crayons and paper etc.) to keep them entertained throughout the night.

Although seating guests at your wedding may seem like a daunting task, just remember to start early and follow these simple tips and everyone will have a wonderful time!



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