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Please enjoy our blog. We will be updating this blog periodically with stories, tips, fun facts, and photos from real weddings of couples from Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, all of Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to see the Canoe Club Ballroom in person, please set up a private tour.

Wednesday, November 29 2017

The proposal season is upon us, and the holidays are a big time for engagements according to Wedding Wire with 40% of couples celebrating their engagement between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. In honor of the season, we will discuss engagement rings! Engagement rings come in all different shapes, sizes, and stones! Traditionally the diamond is the most popular, however there are so many other stunning stones out there to dazzle and delight!! There are many different shapes to choose from when it comes to diamonds, here are the top 10 diamond shapes.





 - Known as the “pillow cut” diamond these are squares or rectangles with rounded edges.




- These are rectangle with step cuts on the sides and large flat top.




 – These diamonds are cut similarly to emerald-cut diamonds except they are squares.



 – This romantic Shape is the perfect symbol of love.



– This cut is like an oval but with pointed ends.



- These rounded diamonds are longer than they are wide.



-Also known as the “teardrop” these have one pointed end and one rounded end.




- Traditionally squares but sometimes rectangles, princess-cut diamonds always have four pointed corners.



- These are square or slight rectangles with four trimmed corners.



-The most popular of diamond shape, round cut diamonds are cut to have 58 facets.





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Monday, November 20 2017

Wedding Date ~ October 27, 2017

Wedding Colors ~ Navy & Ivory 

Abigail and Matthew tied the knot on a perfect October day, surrounded by friends and family. Sunflowers were elegantly displayed throughout the ballroom to accent their wedding colors of navy and ivory Jenny V. Photography captured the happiness of this couple beautifully! Here are a few gorgeous photos from their special day!






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Tuesday, November 14 2017

Winter weddings at the Canoe Club are always so fun and festive. As the off peak season approaches we are thrilled to welcome all the wonderful winter weddings that are planned for the chilly months to come! We love that winter wedding are becoming more popular. The holiday season is truly a magic time of year. If you are thinking about having your special day around the holiday season we have gathered five chic ways to incorporate a bit of holiday cheer into your wedding day!


Fir & Evergreen 

We love greenery for a tablescape, for the winter months think about using evergreen and fir. Perfect for a winter wonderland wedding!




Bold jewel tones like emerald, burgundy, and merlot add a beautiful visual impact. They add much-needed warmth to the cool winter palette.



Twinkle Lights 

The colder months are a perfect time of year to bring in sparkle and ambiance created with twinkle lights. Place twinkle lights under glass globe to add impact.



Firewood Accents 

Having natural elements like firewood scattered and candles throughout your décor adds dimension and warm. You can place them at the altar, then later move them to the by the welcome sign!




Choosing to have stunning plaid throws in your wedding colors that coordinate with your décor is perfect multipurpose decor element your guests will love!   




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Wednesday, November 08 2017

The wedding veil is an iconic bridal accessory, dating back to roman times. Veils have a wide variety of lengths. From short and sweet to long and dramatic! The veil will finish off any bridal look! We have seen our fair share of bridal looks and veils throughout the years. With over 50 years of seeing brides make their way into our ballroom, we always look forward to seeing what the lovely ladies will wear as their finishing piece to their bridal look!




Bird Cage Veil

This is the shortest veil length, usually worn just covering the eyes or extending down to the chin. They are super stylish and low hassle.




Shoulder - Length Veil

These beauties brush the shoulders and go down to the middle of the back. These are a bit more fashion forward, with a touch of tradition! These are a great option if you have detailing on your gown.



Elbow – Length Veil

This choice is elegant and easy to handle when combined with a blusher. Perfect with a fuller dress or ball gown! This would be perfect for a daytime affair. 



Fingertip – Length Veil

The most popular veil by far! It flatters most brides and their dresses! ~ Think Kate Middleton



 Chapel- Length Veil

Here we have a real statement piece! This veil goes all the way to the floor, also called a sweep veil.



Cathedral-Length Veil 

Here we have the grandest of them all!! They are perfectly suited for formal affairs, and they will be perfect heirloom piece to pass down!




Don't forget to contact the Canoe Club Ballroom for a Tour & Bridal Appointment! 

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