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Monday, August 17 2015


Congratulations, it's finally your wedding day! You have pushed through all the planning & months of preparation for this big day. Relive your wedding day for years to come by capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments for your wedding album. The Canoe Club Ballroom has listed 20 of the most important images for your wedding photo check list.

1.       The Wedding Dress: Preserve the memory of the first time you laid your eyes on "The One"...your wedding dress that is! Take a still, full length photo to keep and share for years to come.

2.       Getting Ready: We suggest capturing both sides of getting ready, which includes the men putting on their jackets and ladies doing their zippers.

3.       Shoe Shot: A cropped pic of just the bride and grooms shoes is a fun and creative picture.

4.       Welcome Bags: With all the effort and planning you put into your welcome bags, you should be sure your photographer captures them before they're gone.

5.       Bridal Shot: Capture the beauty that made your true love pop the question with a clear and elegant photo.

6.       First Look: Have fun with the bride putting her hands over the groom’s eyes.

7.       Other First Look: Your bridal party will be stunned to see you in your wedding dress. Relive the moment time and time again by snapping a photo at the perfect moment.

8.       Pre-ceremony with Notes: This is one of the few personal moments the bride will have all day. This is a touching moment when the bride will be in her own world reading the vows.

9.       Wedding Party Kids: If you have kids in your party, there may be a few pictures as cute as these. When they’re all grown up, it will be a touching memento.

10.   Walking Down the Aisle: Capture the touching moment of being given away and walking down the aisle to be with your true love. 

11.   Groom standing at the Alter: Capture the anticipation of the groom waiting to see his bride for the first time in her wedding dress. It's a remarkable sight.

12.   Far-away ceremony shot: Take in your ceremony from a point of view you'll never be able to see for yourself. Capture the entire ceremony from far away.

13.   Couple Sharing Vows: Capture the expression of true love with a picture of the couple sharing vows.

14.   Cute Signs: Sporadic signs laid out throughout the wedding venue telling guests where to go is worth a picture or two.

15.   Wedding Cake: The cake is such an iconic part of your wedding. Capture it’s elegance before it’s gone forever!

16.   Food: Mouth-watering pictures of the food are a great way to relive the elegance and beauty of the meal.

17.   Reception Tables: Capture the elegance of your reception venue while the settings are still clean and immaculate.

18.   First Dance: You can only have one official first dance as bride and groom. Relive this magical moment forever with a photo of you in the arms of your true love.

19.   Dancing: After the first dance, everything is fair game. Be sure to capture the memories of your family and friends on the dance floor.

20.   The Farewell: Whether you are having a notable exit or just something low key, this is the perfect picture to place at the end of your album. 




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