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Sunday, March 06 2016


Candy Stations have become one of the most popular wedding day favors over the past few years! Candy stations are a great way to bring out a couple’s whimsical personality, and are always a guaranteed hit with the guests!

Some stations are unique and colorful, others compliment a couple’s wedding colors perfectly and completely! Whichever approach you decide to take with your candy station, we always recommend purchasing a little extra candy—just in case we need to replenish it for you!

Here is a little candy station checklist of the items that you will need for your big day:

1.) Candy, Candy, CANDY! Many couples will purchase different types of candy, so that their guests have a variety to choose from! You can never have too much candy, trust us! :) 

2.) Jars and Holders! We have found that glass jars and holders work best! Different shapes and sizes will add a unique touch for your candy display.

3.) Scoops and Tongs for the different candy that will be displayed on your station.

Little advice: scoops are always better for M&M’s, Sixlets, gummi bears, and little candies! Tongs are a better option for any wrapped candies, gummi worms, etc!

4.) Bags for the candy! This is where you can get a little creative if you want! We’ve seen many couples provide monogrammed bags for their guests’ candy with their wedding date on it, just to add a little personalized touch for their special day.

5.) Signs! What better way to make a candy station yours, than by adding a cute sign for your guests to see! “Love is Sweet, Take a Treat” is one of our favorites!

And of course, here are a few candy stations we’ve seen over the past year!  


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