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Monday, April 25 2016


Wedding showers have evolved over the years. What was once gathering to shower the couple with gifts, has now transformed into a fun-filled day for everyone involve. Now wedding showers are filled with food and fun and no shower is complete without games.  Here are some of our favorite fun and unique games to try out at your wedding shower.

Toilet Paper Dress: Divide guest into teams to make a funky wedding dress for the bride made completely out of toilet paper. To make things interesting give them a time crunch, so teams are forced to rush to create the best, most creative dress they can come up with. To give this game an extra twist try using the wedding announcement section of the newspaper instead of toilet paper

Memory Lane Mysteries: When you send out the bridal shower invites also add a blank note card along with a request for guests to write down their favorite memory with the bride, or the couple. When guests arrive have them drop the cards in a box. Have the bride, or couple read the cards out loud and try to guess who she shared each memory with.

Read Their Mind: If the fiancé is at the bridal shower, try testing their future spouses’ knowledge of their future spouse.  A week or two before the shower ask the fiancé twenty questions about themselves and record their answers. At the shower ask their fiancé the same questions and see if they can “Read Their Mind”.  Each time the fiancé gets it wrong give them a ball of bubble gum to chew. This way the more they get wrong, the harder it will be for them to talk!

Oven Mitts n’ Hose: This game might be best if you have a lively group of woman who are up for a hilarious challenge. This odd combination makes for one hilarious game. Give each of your guests a pair of oven mitts and pantyhose. With the bride acting as the referee tell your guests the first one to get the pantyhose on while wearing the oven mitts wins!

Wedding Pictionary: This is a fun take on the traditional game of Pictionary. To start you’ll need a large pad of paper or a dry erase board with markers and slips of paper. Have your guests fill out slips of paper with wedding related terms and sayings, such as “going to the chapel” or “happily ever after”. Divide guest into teams and take turns pulling of piecing of paper and drawing the image while the rest of your guest guess the correct saying.  The team who guesses the most correct, wins. 

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