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Tuesday, May 10 2016


Personalizing your wedding is a great way make the big day all that special. Adding unique touches that the bride and groom choose themselves is a great way to let guests feel part of the wedding. These small details also transform the ceremony and reception from to a true reflection of the couple and their relationship. 

One specific detail couples can have a lot of personalizing fun with, is creating their own signature wedding cocktail to serve to guests. But how do you decide on the perfect cocktail as the list is endless? Here are a few tips on how to plan the perfect signature cocktail.

Pick Your Favorites: One of the easiest ways to choose a signature cocktail is by simply picking your favorites. Do you or your future spouse have a go to drink you always order at the bar? Picking your favorite drink is a fun way to make your guest learn a little more about you. You can even do a ‘his and her’ signature cocktail naming them “Bride’s Favorite” & “Groom’s Favorite”. 

Go With The Theme: Does your wedding have a theme? This is a perfect chance for you to tie your theme together by narrowing down a drink that fits the theme. Whether it be a black tie even calling for a more classic drink or a tropical theme calling for a fun fruity drink. Have fun with your theme, there is no harm in adding you own twist to a traditional cocktail recipe to spice things up!

Get Sentimental: Take your guests on a walk down memory lane with a sip of your signature cocktail. When dreaming up your signature wedding cocktail think about all the memories you have shared as a couple. Maybe it was a drink you had on your first date, or maybe you are channeling a vacation you took together, make it something meaningful to both of you. Having a sweet story behind your signature cocktail is a great way to personalize your wedding day. 

Add a Beverage Fountain: Don't forget that you can always add a multi-tiered flowing beverage fountain to your wedding package for your special day! Add a touch of elegance to your cocktail hour and choose from sparkling champagne, margaritas, sangria, mimosas, or planter's punch! 

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